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About Us

Tens of thousands of people visit PlasticEconomy.com every month to read our articles, use our tools, and to get help with fighting their credit card debt. Thanks to word-of-mouth, PlasticEconomy.com has quickly become one of the leading authorities on the web for anything credit and debt related.

Our story goes a little something like this:

In the winter of 06’, a young professional with an obsession of the economy began to take a look around. Families were spending more and making less, personal debt was climbing, saving was practically non-existent, and both personal and corporate responsibility was fading fast. It was almost impossible to go into a store and buy a pair of socks without being asked if you wanted to save an additional 15% on your purchase by signing up with the “Store’s Credit Card.”

This was true when we started in 2006. It’s still true today.

Unfortunately for families, companies, and our economy, too many people wanted to save an additional 15% on their socks. So, they signed up for a credit card. Then another one. And another. Eventually, Kelly’s Ice Cream Parlor down the block offered her own credit card. We signed up for that one too, because, after all, who doesn’t like “free” ice cream? The problem, as we soberly know today, is that the ice cream wasn’t free. In fact, it came with the highest of costs – our financial freedom.

So, work began. Our young professional gathered technical and financial minds alike to begin construction on PlasticEconomy.com in November of 2006. It was made public two months later.

PlasticEconomy.com was not and is not structured like a typical company. We don’t add features or make changes to our site to meet our own agenda, but instead do so to meet the needs of our users. A user can e-mail us at anytime with their suggestions or ideas. If we think other users would benefit from them, we’ll add them to our site. That should tell you how much we truly believe in what we’re doing.

Are you with the media? Want to advertise with us? Have a suggestion about our site?

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